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The interruption to education due to Coronavirus

After another round of home schooling. It seems that a lot of people have learnt from the first national lockdown when home schooling was completely new to everyone. Last year was scratching around for stuff to do with their children and some schools really struggled too.

It seems this time things are a little better (we haven’t seen Joe Wicks again for a start!) and schools seem much more on board with providing online lessons and resources.

My own school has every teacher teaching every lesson online. My own lessons have been remarkably well attended. Attendance to my lessons have consistently been above 95% and even my Year 11s have all attended.

With the announcement that there will not be any GCSE or A Level exams again this year I was concerned that students might switch off. Thankfully, this does not seem to have happened. Schools have been told that the exams will have to be based on some kind of evidence. The exact kind of evidence we will be asked for is still not clear. It is for this reason that it is vitally important that exam students need to keep up their studies and still practice their exam techniques.

The current Year 11s and 13s have had two years of their education disrupted. Last year they lost a whole term of studying as have lost a similar amount this year too. So some students who would have sat exams this year have lost about 50% of their education. Even though this will be taken into consideration with whatever grades they are eventually awarded the real problem comes in September when these students start college or university or work. They will be at a disadvantage after having so much of their learning. It is for this reason it is so vital these students keep up some form of studying right up to September and even into next year.

If you have such a student or a parent and feel you would benefit from the help of a tutor, get in touch and let’s see how I can help.

Tea Time Ted Talk

As you know I love Ted Talks. This one looks at why our teenagers need more sleep and suggests we could help if we only started school later in the day. What do you think?


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