My Own Tutor Crawley

Welcome to my first blog post. I will endeavour to post here every week on a topic connected with education. I will aim to talk about something topical each week. I also want to educate you in some way as well make you smile or even laugh. 

The subject of homework divides almost everybody. Some teachers give it out EVERY week whilst others less often. Some students do it religiously whilst others moan when it is mentioned by teachers or parents. Some parents insist upon it whilst others dislike it as much as their children. One thing we can all agree on is that homework is a divisive subject. 

As a teacher myself I have had countless debates with students about the merits of doing homework. At times I have enjoyed setting it and very occasionally I have enjoyed marking what has been handed in. Some schools are very school strict with enforcing its setting and completion. A few brave school have stopped it altogether. One school in Dubai however has decided to make it optional. It is mandatory for Maths and English but in other subjects the students choose whether they want to do it. 

When I have taken this stance I have often received much better quality work. One such year 8 class I taught a few years ago were given the option of making a model of a World War One trench. Most of the models I got back were excellent. One such model was so good the History Department have kept it and now use at annual open evenings. 

What are your thoughts on this subject? 


The amusing side of exams. 

Over the years I have been an examiner for  couple of exam boards and have marked thousands of exam papers. Most of the time this is tedious but important work. Sometimes the marking is made easier by an amusing answer. Some are by mistake but others are deliberate. 

Tea Time TED

I love TED Talks. They are short talks given by someone who is usually an expert in their field. Being short you can watch them during a coffee or tea break. They are often entertaining but always educational. Some of the best ones are where you take something away, a useful bit of knowledge or skill. This link is to a TED Talk a few years ago which I have shown to students who nearly always love it. Not only is it entertaining but you can learn the skill of drawing. 
Please feel free to comment about anything on this blog. I would appreciate any feedback. 
See you next week.