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Online | One to One | Adults | Children. Specialist tuition from Years 1 – 11
Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4

My own tutor Crawley

Based in West Sussex, My Own Tutor Crawley is a unique tuition service that combines the very best in Year 1 – 11 online education, tailored tutoring, dedicated career guidance and family packages that include rewards and savings to help pay for student tuition.

  • Learning and Support Online
  • Tailored Tutoring
  • Dedicated Career Packages
  • Family Packages

Specialising in Maths and English tuition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4 and provide learning in 14 other GCSE subjects including languages.

Online Tuition

Services for children

Online Tuition - Child Learning

Child Learning

Help your children reach their full potential with our online or face to face learning scheme that is tailored to your child. Similarly, you will have access 24/7 to your online learning portal and can learn at your own pace. In short from as little as £10 per week, your child can receive the support they need!

Services for adults

Online Tuition - Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Need a little help resitting your GCSE’s or even learn something new around your current job? Having access to your course material 24/7 will help you. We even have phone or email support should you require a little help with your material. Above all, you will give yourself the best start to a new career!

Why choose us?

Most importantly we offer the best value and quality service – compare us against the rest and call now for a free session!

Service Includes My Own Tutor Private Tutor Kip Mcgrath Independent 1st Class Explore Kumon
Price per week







24/7 Exercises
24/7 Lessons
National Curriculum
Support Schoolwork
Measure Improvement
Other Subjects
Practice Revision
Flexible Family Packages

Crawley tutoring offers the chance to
achieve 100% success!

We work with aspirational parents who want the very best educational outcomes for their children.

  • Our program adapts itself to student levels and abilities and ensures fast progress is made through fun and engaging learning.
  • Parents and carers have full control and transparency with weekly progress reports.
  • Our students own their journey through an individualised and engaging programme of learning that develops independent, ambitious learners and therefore advice and guidance always at hand.
  • Therefore enabling parents, carers and adult learners to support themselves and young learners.
  • In addition offering rewards and savings that will help you to pay for student sessions.
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Julie le Roux
Read More
Brian really engages my daughter in a subject that she has lost confidence in at school. His method of teaching has already helped her learn and understand areas of History that they have both looked at during the first 2 sessions.
Alison E Denham
Read More
Very knowledgable, efficient, pleasant to work with - and made my son feel immediately comfortable and confident. You cannot go wrong with Brian!
Krusha Amin
Read More
Brian was excellent with communication, we have arranged a meeting for Wednesday. Very prompt and easy to use this website. Also, my brother passed his re-take English module and Brian was very good at arranging extra lessons and we are very please. Communication was always thorough.
Richard Morris
Read More
Brian is an excellent tutor. He struck up a good rapport with my son and worked well to prepare him for his history GCSE through a combination of written tasks, discussions of topics and ways to increase the depth of written answers. I highly recommend Brian as a tutor.
Charlie Beauchamp
Read More
Brian has been an excellent help to us this summer. His approach is methodical and effective and he has worked very hard to tailor his support for our son. Very happy!!
Karen Russell
Read More
Brian has been brilliant! He gets on really well with my son and I have already seen improvements in my both the quality of my son's work and his approach to English. His grades at school have started to improve too, which is a sign that things are going well.
Harriet Clark
Read More
Brian is an excellent teacher who has helped give my daughter confidence in her ability to do English Language GCSE by breaking down the questions into easier bite size chunks.
Penny Johnson
Read More
Excellent teacher, very personable, structured and built rapport quickly with my son. This is our second tutor for this subject, the first one did not work out. Brian is able to give simple. straight forward explanations that are enabling him to understand the information a lot more easily. He is also giving him confidence to give ideas and thoughts to the discussions.